Charitable Family Run SSPO (Single Stake Pool Operator)

One of the core principles of Cardano is to be the most decentralized blockchain ever built.
That´s why we think we can run a stake pool and participate in the ecosystem.

We are not a business and we share the pool gains with local and non local charities.

 We run 3 Relays, located in USA and Europe

Block propagation is an important feature in Cardano network.

Blocks must propagate to 95% of the nodes within less than 5 seconds.
That´s why our block producer server is connected to 2 different continents in order to assure redundancy, fast blocks propagation and easy server maintenance.

 8 cores CPU - 24 GB RAM - Ubuntu Server 20.04

Our relays and producer servers are high performance, optimized to Cardano SPO community standards.
They are ready to scale whenever it is required.


To be fully transparent, our pool runs on:

- Virtual Private Servers in the cloud

- 100% green energy.

- Monthly cost is in the range 150-200€


I´m Stephane and I´m ACID stake pool operator.

I´m a data analyst in the Telecom industry, a musician, a nature and technology lover.


The blockchain industry is at the forefront of disruption and Cardano is leading the way.

Cardano has a unique approach to blockchain developement and is building on very strong foundations.


This is why I decided to get involved and be a stake pool operator.

I believe Cardano can bring better tools and more fair ecosystem for the people.

 Earn NEWM token by delegating to ACID

NEWM Project is one of the most interesting project being developped on Cardano.
It is the quintessence, the ultimate truth, the perfect plan, the brightest case study of what blockchain can bring to the music industry which requires so much time for creativity that middlemen have been taking it all until now.
It is not just a platform but a whole new paradigm!

I participated to the NEWM tune competition and my tune has been chosen to represent the NEWM token audio!

Thanks to this, you are elligible to 1 NEWM token per 1000 ADA delegated to ACID, per epoch.
You will claim your NEWM token with