ACID Stake Pool Commitment

ACID is about contributing to the adoption of the Cardano ecosystem in order to build fair and decentralized tools for our future.
My name is Stef and I fell in love with Cardano vision in 2018. After some time, I decided to get involved and setup my own stake pool in September 2020.

We currently have pledged 35k as a proof of commitment and fees are 0.5% and won’t change at least until ACID anniversary September, 8 2021 14:08:16 UTC.
So far, our pool has minted 0 blocks :/ but rest assured we do our best to maintain and grow the pool, whatever it takes.

As soon as ACID will mint blocks and generate rewards, I’ll give 25% to an association which values mean a lot to me and hopefully to you:
Artist In Action
This association is part of a large network of Artists, Musicians, Technicians, Event Organisers and all round creative types that have come together to pool their skills and resources with the purpose of providing direct aid and action to those in genuine need during this humanitarian crisis that is displacing millions of people across Europe. Take a look at it here:

Please join ACID and say hi:

ADA holders, Delegators, SPOs, Anyone, You! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We want to know you!

Cloud Based and Bare Metal Servers

ACID pool is managed from France.
Relays and block producer nodes are a mix of cloud-based and bare metal servers, ensuring high performance, scalability and continued service.
Relays nodes : Germany, France
Producer node : somewhere in the EU

Securing, Monitoring, Maintenance, Backups

Servers are secured for maximum protection. The nodes are monitored constantly to confirm good operation, syncing and stability. Alert emails, SMS, beeps and horns are in place for most critical metrics. Nodes are always running the most up-to-date version of cardano-node.

ACID 266

We love Acid

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